2nd Colombian Conference Harvard MIT

Panel No 1

The Colombian Strategy to Overcome Poverty

  • JOSE ANTONIO OCAMPO, Professor of Professional Practice in International and Public Affairs, Columbia University
  • ADRIANA HOYOS, Senior Fellow, Center for International Development, Harvard University
  • LUIS GALLO, General Director, Social Investment Bank, Colombia
  • LINA MARIA CASTAÑO, Deputy Director for Social Development and Quality of Life, National Planning Department
  • MERILEE GRINDLE, Edward S. Mason, Professor of International Development and Director of the Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Harvard University

Panel No 2

The Future of Transportation Infrastructure in Colombia – Envisioning a National Transportation System

See powerpoint presentations here: 2013-04-26-MIT-Infrastructure Panel

  • CHRISTOPHER ZEGRAS – Ford Career Development Associate Professor of Transportation & Urban Planning and Engineering Systems  – MIT
  • NESTOR ROA – Chief, Transportation Division, Department of Infraestructure and Environment, IADB
  • RICHARD DE NEUFVILLE, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Systems, MIT
  • JUAN PABLO BOCAREJO – Director Transportation Program, Andes University
  • RALPH GAKENHEIMER (moderator), Professor of Urban Planning, Emeritus – MIT
  • LINA MARIA CASTAÑO, Deputy Director for Social Development and Quality of Life, National Planning Department

Panel No 3A

The Future of Illegal Armed Groups in Colombia

See powerpoint presentations here: Panel 1 Drug trafficking and the future of illegal armed groups in Colombia-1 – Panel 1 Relatoria

  • LEONARDO VIVAS (Moderador) – Director of the Latin American program, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
  • DANIEL MEJIA –   Associate Professor on Economics, Profesor Asociado, Andes University
  • JAMES ROBINSON – David Florence Professor, Harvard Kennedy School
  • IVAN GONZALEZ – Former President of the National Criminal Policy Advisory Committee, Government of Colombia
  • JUAN CARLOS PINZON – Colombian Minister of Defense

Panel No 3B

The Path Towards Justice and Reconciliation

See powerpoint presentations here: HARVARD II FORO Colombia 2013 FINAL Restitution & Reconciliation – Felipe Garcia

  • JUAN FELIPE GARCIA – Associate Professor, Department of History and Philosophy of Law, Javeriana University
  • LEONEL NARVAEZ – Founder and Director, Fundación para la Reconciliación, Colombia
  • ANIBAL FERNANDEZ DE SOTO – Viceminister of Participation and Rights Equality, Colombian Ministry of Interior
  • KIMBERLY THEIDON – John L. Loeb Associate Professor, Social Sciences Department of Anthropology, Harvard University


A Journey Through The Musical Rhythms of Colombia

Berkelee College of Music, Colombian Student Association


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